Company-wide Security

Firewall is the standard equipment to safeguard the data flow in and out of your company.  With the implementation of the international safety standards and the safety rules specific to your company, you protect your own network and the data distributed to other companies.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) becomes a common standard for staff to work at home and access files in company’s office servers or cloud.  Data is safeguarded by encryption during the VPN transfer.  For data communication between branch offices, VPN should also be deployed.  


Security for each User Device

Anti-virus software should be installed on each user device including desktop PC, notebook, tablet, and mobile phone to guard against attack on files, e-mail, applications, and Apps.  


Data Encryption

Microsoft Office provides you the password protection of your files.  To go one step ahead, data can be encrypted in the server level, or in the disk of the notebook, tablet, and mobile phone by different encryption tools in the market.  E-mail encryption is also common for users who handle confidential data of your company.  


Please Contact Us if you are interested in deploying or upgrading the security solution of your company and would like to know about of it.