Today when you go to an exhibition, you will find that except for a few companies with large display area will have unique booth design; all other booths are with the same rectangular cylindrical display space, the same static wooden structure, the same banner, the same font on the banner and other display materials, and the same design tone on all other aspects.  

A booth is actually a mini-stage for you to show your company culture, demo your products, show the advantages and design concepts of your products, and provide a platform for customers to touch and play with your products freely which is one of of the major advantages over the virtual web platform.  

You can impress your customers and attract the attention of your potential customers when they walk down the exhibition hall by showing them your sincerity by including the above elements in your booth design.  

Please Contact Us if you would like to have a booth design for an exhibition soon in the future.  Below is an example :-